CEO Message:

In 2003, Islamic Co for Plastic Industry (ISLPET) was established to provide high-quality products of PET containers in addition to preforms to serve several industrial packaging sectors such as mineral water, soft water, juices, food products, chemicals, agricultural pesticides, human, veterinary medicines, cosmetics, detergent containers, and dairy product containers.

As a result of the global expansion in the production and export of food and beverages to far distant regions beside the exposure of glass containers to breakage. Most factories have switched to using plastic containers to replace both glass and metal containers. Due to the complete safety of the packaging that we produce, which is used in the medical as well as scientific fields, it is completely safe for both human and veterinary use.

We, Islamic Company for Plastics Industry (ISLAPET) has increased the volume of our investments by financing the purchasing and modernizing our production lines to use the highest quality machines according to the latest advanced patterns prevailing globally.

We also invest permanently in training our engineers and employees to use the latest modern technology to achieve the international standards as well as implementing strict procedures to monitor production quality, taking advantage of the basic systems of advanced industrial countries which have the newest technology.

During 20 years of continuous effort alongside the hardworking, the annual production capacity could reach more than 350 million packages of various sizes of PET preform and PET bottles as well PET Jars.

Thank God, we acquired competence, excellence that led to a good reputation in the packaging sector by using the best raw materials beside applying the highest standards of production alongside quality control through successful management with full cooperation between the technical and administrative departments, this has led to the confidence of our customers inside Egypt as well as many other countries.

ISLAPET obtained the ISO …….certificate in the year……. while an ambitious program is currently being prepared to expand the range of products and markets so that we can meet different customer’s demands to increase foreign markets which leads to achieve the goal set by the state alongside obtaining internal resources of foreign currencies to provide the necessary raw materials together with the necessary production requirements.

Moving towards success is an endless path other than achieving the desired goal of providing the best products and achieving customer confidence. Our goal is to develop our present beside establishing a solid industrial building for the future in cooperation with our customers together with all the employees of our company whom we appreciate their efforts and loyalty. We hope that God will guide us all to goodness and success.

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About Company:

Since our first step in the field in 2003,  Islamic company for Plastics Industry is one of the leading companies in the field of the production of PET preform . We produce preforms with production capacity up to 250 million pieces per year of various sizes and weights . as well as the production of bottles  and jars in various forms and sizes from 100 mL to 19,000 mL using the latest machines and the best types of raw materials with the assurance of quality standards at all stages of production.


  • PET Preforms are characterized by their multiple uses and their validity for packaging many products, notably food products as:

Carbonated soft  drink – mineral water – juices – dairy – spices – legumes – honey – butter – pickles – ketchup – sauce – olive oil – cosmetics – detergents – fertilizers – chemicals .. etc